Search Engine Optimizers

Free open source tools, under the GNU-GPL 2.0 licence

Overview of the SEO project

In the goal of search engine optimization, some tools are provided to help webmaster improve the visibility of their pages on the web and to increase their PageRank.

The tools

The project is to build and provide a set of scripts with graphical user interfaces for web pages and websites analyzing and optimization.

Spider SEO

Formerly Metatag Generator, this tool is renamed Spider Search Engine Optimizer and has been rewritten and extended:

RSS Editor

Online interface to edit RSS 2.0 feeds.

Simple Map

Generates XML or HTML sitemap for a static site.

Spy Link

Evaluate the social aspect of a website from its links to other sites.

SEO Panel

This tools is in work. The goal is to analyze a website for search engine optimization and for security:

The interface is extensible and any tool could be added to its functions.

Download the tools

Some tools could be downloaded on too.


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